Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Hint of Spiritual


At certain point of his career Robert Hughes called the attention to the fact that museums (especially contemporary art museums) are getting bigger tha churches. The way people enjoy the works of art there exhibited has all the resemblance with the spiritual experience when one takes part in a religious rite. In the videos we can see people from the public lying down on the ground enjoying the work before their eyes. Others take part on the work of art itself, becoming part of it. In these new cathedrals people feel that, for some reason, they are before something bigger than themselves, even though it was fabricated by one of his fellow individuals...
"Standing Waves, Moving Ears (Lazy Afternoons), Antonio Della Marina and Alessandra Zucchi, 2012 (Sound and Rural Architecture festival) - via Binaural

Maybe because religions - especially the catholic - are going through a crisis? Maybe because religions are beginning to find some obstacles in fulfilling the spiritual gaps that us individuals feel or have? Or maybe because art has always been inside us (God knows in what way) since the dawn of human kind...

"The Weather Project", Olafur Eliasson, 2003
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