Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Right Question

It's not rare an artistic work of art being undermined by lay people (and sometimes by non lay people) being that questioning very often oriented in the direction of the comprehension that one make of it. And if one is a bit rusty - read formatted - of the grey mass, that questioning is very often (and mistakenly) confused with personal taste, producing unfundamented criticism.
The following video, together with the previous post, materializes an interesting and exemplar formulation.

It is my opinion that there are no easy or elementary answers in art, one must consciencialize. It is also mandatory to keep an open mind and be able to discuss with that predisposition when posing a question. Last, but definetely not least, the right - or maybe the most important - question when before an artistic work of art will be, in fact: is it interesting?

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